Our Patent Services are as follows:

  •      Basic / Comprehensive Search & Report
  •      Filing Patent application for registration
  •      Attending to Objection by the examiner
  •      Renewal and Extension of Registration
  •      Alteration and Amendment
  •      Recordal of Change of Name and Address
  •      Monitoring for Infringement



  •    Application in a specific Form (to be filled and signed by the Attorney)
  •    Name, address and nationality of the applicant(s) and the inventor(s).
  •    4 copies of specification in English with abstract and drawings.(We can prepare necessary copies if you send only one copy)
  •    Formal drawings on tracing cloth or paper can be filed any time before  acceptance or we can prepare them for you.
  •    Endorsement by the inventors, if any .
  •    Power of Authority – can be filed subsequently.
  • Notarized Deed of Assignment.

Priority document has to be filed along with the application or within 3 (three) months of filing the application along with time extension request. A Verified/Notarised English translation of the priority document is also required(if the document is in any language other than English).


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